Weight loss tips

Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight by Sleeping More

If you are short on your sleep then you can really have a great impact on your weight. When you were not sleeping, the body cooked it up for gaining some weight. It is one of the best weight loss tips to sleep more if you really want to lose weight.

If you have not taken the necessary sleep as required by the body, you’ll easily be leaning on that large latte for making sure that you keep moving. Being tired, you’ll possibly be tempted and skip your exercise, cut out on dinner, and might even get late as you would be uncomfortably full.

When things go like this several times every year, it may not be a big deal. The problem starts when you do not get enough sleep in a week. According to the experts closing your eyes for enough time is significant for your health and weight, just like exercise and a proper diet.

The Role of Sleepy Brain

If you skimp on sleep you set the brain up for making bad decisions. It results in dulling down the activity in frontal love of the brain, locus of the decision-making as well as the impulse control.

Hence, it’s something like if you are drunk. You lack mental clarity for making right decisions when needed.

Furthermore, when you are overtired, the reward centers of your brain rev up and find out something which feels good. Hence, when you are well-rested you will squash comfort the food cravings, but when your mind deprives sleep it will be hard for you to avoid taking another piece of cake.

Studies have shown that when people lack sleep, they increase late-night snacking and it is likely for them to go for the high-carb snacks. So weight loss tips suggest sleep more to avoid such habits.

According to another study if you do not sleep enough it will prompt you to intake all the foods in bigger proportions and increase weight gain. It has also been found by the researchers that less sleep leads towards increase in cravings for high-carbohydrate, energy-dense foods.

All this to be added together, having sleepy brain even leads you to crave for junk food and also lacks in impulse control for saying no.

The Hunger Hormones

The sleep serves as nutrition for your brain. Mostly people require 7-9 hours sleep every night. If you are anywhere less than that figure, the body starts reacting in ways which lead you straight to your favorite restaurant regardless of how determined you are as a dieter.

The reason for this is that insufficiency of sleep has an impact on the fullness and hunger hormones, like leptin and ghrelin. Amongst the best weight loss tips is to sleep enough not impacting these hormones.

Ghrelin sends the signals to your brain telling you that you have to eat now. In sleep-deprived people, body generates more of ghrelin. Leptin acts the other way. Less sleep results in plummeting leptin levels and signal to brain that you should eat more. So, sleep deprivation triggers these hormones and leads you to overeating resulting in weight gain.